Things I like about IV

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Things I like about IV

Postby DStair » Sat May 20, 2017 12:32 pm

Lots of people talking about things they don't like about IV, so I want to mention a few things that I DO like:

[*] 4k videos - nice to see 4k downloads of hardcore action
[*] gangbangs - love watching a gang of black dudes pounding the girl in every which way
[*] swallowing - great to see girls swallow on IV
[*] sexy outfits - love the way the girls on IV are dressed in sexy lingerie and heels, brings some class to scenes and more enjoyable than girls completely naked
[*] wide camera screen shots - I often watch porn with my GF and she likes the wide angles so she can watch muscle-bound men in action, and she gets turned on then I know I'm going to be some really good action :D

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