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DAP destination with Jureka Del Mar /Info in description/ GIO393

Price: 4.1 TKT 4.1 TKT
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2 months 45 tickets / month Buy for $54.90
3 months 48 tickets / month Buy for $79.90
2017-06-11 4.1 4.1 tkt 00:53:00 229,121
Jureka Del Mar [Forum thread]
Neeo, Thomas Lee, Angelo [Forum thread], Rycky Optimal
Jureka contacted me few weeks ago because she wants to be dap'd and humiliated. I decide to start with 5on1 DAP and the result is a terrific DAP action, with almost always two dicks in the ass, red gaping hole and almost constant balls deep action. As she asked, the cumshot is into her mouth with swallow. Welcome on LP Jureka!
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